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First Week of School 2019!

This was an eventful first week of school!

(Warning - This is kind of picture heavy)

Monday was our district back to school event, and for the first time since I've been there, we were free to go to our rooms for the majority of the day. It was amazing, and I was very fortunate in that the event is always at my school site so I didn't have to leave to anywhere to get stuff done.

Free to work in our rooms!

Awesome tumbler with our district logo. It was filled with snacks and a healthy energy drink mix.
Talked with my team about how we can use these awesome clips from Target so I went and bought 10 packs

We were supposed to get bulletin board but they won't be in for a month. My coworker had the great idea to hang posters on a clothesline to be able to easily remove them when the boards come in.
I also changed my Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had posters and taped them to my door. The other posters are on magnets because the edges of the window are metal.

I didn't do too much decorating other than that. The majority of my time at school was spent organizing my supplies and student supplies. I labeled everything after organizing it so that hopefully my life will be easier.
Student corner. Group supplies in the bins on the left, turn in bins, absent work, Bump It! Game Supplies, Chromebook chargers,  and my puzzle/brain break cart.

My board for agenda. I added one of the puzzles that Sarah Carter  to the board in front of the extra student supplies
Extra student supplies

My desk corner. I realized after taking this picture that I printed the wrong group roles poster.
Teacher supplies, mostly organized and labeled.
New this year: golf pencils for students to borrow when needed, and an inbox for anything students are giving to me that is not an assignment. Hopefully this will keep my desk more clutter free.
The first two student days went really well. I tried out an activity for students to find their seats that was mentioned by two other teachers in my hall. It was surprisingly difficult for students and many, many students kept asking me where they sit if their birthday is in "x month." I also did the second activity on Friday where they line up by name which went a bit easier but  a lot of students still struggled.
Most of my slides for the first day of school. Spent time talking about myself and showing students the pictures of the classroom so they know where to find everything.

For the second year I used Sara Van Der Werf's 100 numbers activity and it went very well. I had quite a few students who did this last year with me and they couldn't remember exactly how it worked so it was good to use again. 
 Overall it was a great week back to school!


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