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The Battle for Organization

Hello, my name is Kim, and I'm a clutterholic.

Seriously, I try to fight against the clutter, and it wins every time.

I got this tip from Sarah Carter to have spots for "Today, Tomorrow, & Soon" for my copies that I have printed. In Computer Science Discoveries, I haven't been having them use computer at all for "unplugged" lessons so I have something printed for each day. For Math 6, I'm on a more day to day basis, seeing what the kids need. I never did use those exit tickets on the top tray.

On a similar note, I've also been trying out my own take on Sarah's Unit Dividers (the yellow sheet) but I'm not sure if I'm a fan of them yet. We just put them in yesterday, as well as one for their iReady diagnostic results, but my 6th graders struggle so much with following my directions to put them in that I might just switch over to a unit page and be done with the whole mess. We'll see, I might just keep using them the rest of the year and decide at the end if they were worth it.

Oooh so nice and organized. What you don't see, though, is that the bookshelves underneath are a jumble of papers and materials.
 I also used my coworker's idea to put student supplies behind the whiteboard, so they can just grab them instead of asking me for them. They still do, but at least now I can wave my hand at the supplies instead of fetching them.

Student supplies
I meant to take pictures of my desk & the containers for turn in work, but I forgot. I'll try to take some pictures and edit this on Monday.  I have two of these banker's boxes that I but binder clips with period #s on, one for work that's on time and one for late work.

I do love to be organized, but get too drained to think of the most effective ways to conquer my clutter. Or I get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and end up just doing the same old, same old piles of paper and stuff.


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First Day of School, August 10th!

I'm doing brand new things for the first day in my classroom this year. It's exciting, but nerve wracking as well!

For my Math 6 class, I'm going to be doing a visual pattern and going over Growth Mindset. I'm really excited because I've done this before, but never on the first day of school.

For Computer Science Discoveries, I decided to just go with what Code has listed in the curriculum, "Building an Aluminum Boat." This is where my nerves are all going toward, because I've never done anything like this in the classroom, especially on the first day, but I think it will be worth it.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to have my students in groups of two or three. My CSD class is up to 40 students, and even with as large as my classroom is, trying to organize that many desks with clear pathways is a challenge.

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6 pages? No problem! I bet we'll have time to get started on the Unit 1 handout, too!


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They only got 3 pages done. Inside cover, Table of Contents, and the Syllabus page. At least we made it through the syllabus?

It did remind me, though, why the TEEM notebooking people use a printed Table of Contents. One student used about 3 or 4 lines per item to write in his table of contents. Margins going almost to the middle of the page. Not going to lie, I was horrified but unsure of how to proceed with him. So I think I may end up using the pre-made printout for the ToC next year to avoid that kind …